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Orzorz Slide Discs for Orzorz Star Projector Galaxy Lite Home Planetarium Projector (Aurora)

Orzorz Slide Discs for Orzorz Star Projector Galaxy Lite Home Planetarium Projector (Aurora)

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MICRON SCALE MAGNIFICATION IMAGING DESIGN: High precision lens brings you a realistic starry sky. You can use it in your bedroom to make a romantic night, a star-filled nebulaic psychedelic area of space.

MULTIPLE SLIDES: Our star projector come with 5 different high precision slides: Milky Way,Moon,Earth and moon,Pillar of creation,NGC 2359. You can switch these slides in different scenes. We will update more slides in the future. Perfect for kids, teen girls, and adults’ bedroom decoration.

SLEEP AID PROJECTOR : Silent wave motor and rotating sky will let you fall asleep faster than usual. Putting them to sleep just get easier, it's the best mom investment.

MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN: Orzorz projector can be projected at a 180 degree angle. It can be projected not only to the ceiling, but also to the wall. Rotating function and 3-mode timer.

ORZORZ HONEST PROMISE: If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us online. If you are not satisfied with this product, we will do a full refund in no reason in no time.

Package Include

1x Star Projector

5x Slide discs (Milky Way,Moon,Earth and moon,Pillar of creation,NGC 2359)

1x USB Cable

1x User Manual

1x Gift Bag


For Slide Discs:

✔Buy3+, Enjoy 5% discount

✔Buy5+, Enjoy 10% discount

✔Buy10+, Enjoy 15% discount

Tüm ayrıntıları görüntüle

ORZORZ Galaxy Projector is a must for any family who loves starry sky or parties. It also creates a relaxing environment for insomniacs and those who often fall into anxiety to fall asleep peacefully.

Make sure you have a starry sky light ready for almost any situation you and your family may encounter. If not, make this a reward for yourself or a surprise gift for your family and anyone who receives it will feel awesome!

12000K HD lens for orzorz galaxy projector

Micron Scale Magnification Imaging Design

The star projector is made of high-quality materials so that it ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

And high-precision lens brings you a realistic starry sky. You can use it in your bedroom to create a stunning and realistic image of the milky way and other celestial objects.

Rotation Function

ORZORZ star projector rotates, allowing the projected stars and celestial objects to move and create the illusion of a dynamic and ever-changing universe.

orzorz galaxy projector is the best star projector for sleep aid

Sleep Aid Projector

3-mode timer. Set the device to turn off automatically after a certain amount of time, making it ideal for use at bedtime.

Silent wave motor and rotating sky will let kids fall asleep faster than usual. Putting them to sleep just get easier, it's the best mom investment.

ORZORZ Star Projector Distinguishing Features

  • 5-watt LED, 4K HD, color reproduction, 300% brighter than other star projectors, brighter and clearer. You can watch the starry sky at home, creating a unique and visually appealing atmosphere for events and parties. In addition to being a star projector, it is a galaxy projector.
  • Optical coated lens, increased to 6 groups of lenses, no threads, no blurred edges, fine image quality
  • 180-degree rotation, simulating the movement of the stars, feel the starry sky from all angles.
  • It can rotate the lens to adjust the focus according to the projection distance and can adapt to different layer heights. ORZORZ star projector can be rotated 180 degrees, compact size, can be placed anywhere, just adjust the product properly, you can project on the ceiling, wall, ground, or the wall behind the computer. Decorating all corners of the house.
  • Adopt new high silent motor, with no noise, which helps induce sleep and get better rest.
  • Intelligent timing, thoughtful 3-speed timing design, 15 minutes / 30f minutes / 60 minutes, energy saving and power saving, don't need to get up and turn off the projection when sleepy.
  • Super long battery life, fast full blood. The upgraded Type-c charging interface supports 2 hours of fast charging and 8 hours of ultra-long battery life, saying goodbye to frequent charging and far from the battery life of most star projectors on the market. Exclusive configuration full charge disconnect function to protect the battery and extend the life of the star proejctor.
  • With 5 star disk
  • 1-year warranty

Low Power & Excellent Performance

Star Projector Size: 16*12*12cm
Weight: 1kg
Material: ABS+PC
Power supply voltage: 3.7V 2000mAh
Power: ≤ 5W
Light source type: led lamp
Best projection distance: 2.8m
Maximum projection area: 12 square meters
Circular diameter: 4m
Also suitable for hotel, restaurant, bar, Café and etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Byron Faber
The Christmas gift that my son loves more than his nintendo switch..

I've got an 8yo son who's full of energy.. can't focus. Thinks he wants to grow up to be a 'pro youtube gamer'. This is the first gift he's gotten that has outdone all the toys over the years and sparked a love for science. This morning he hasn't even bothered to look at his switch game.

The images are crazy bright and highly detailed. He'll love it at night. So glad we got one..