"You can look up at the stars at home"

High-quality material star scene film combined with LED lights to become a more unique night light option.

Simple shape in line with the modern minimalist design, white body brings a simple and atmospheric sense of technology. The moment the product is turned on you can enjoy the millions of stars flashing, soaring through the universe, will be your romantic experience is the only choice, so fantastic space atmosphere who can refuse.


How can you refuse such a beautiful star projector?

With a total of 20 starry scenes to choose from, it must be said that the Orzorz star projector is very versatile:

  1. HD lens makes every star shine more brightly.
  2. Low noise rotating motor ensures a quieter environment for you to enjoy.
  3. A variety of scenes so that you can "look up at the stars" without leaving home.
  4. Beautiful packaging will make Orzorz's star projector your annual gift choice.
  5. Equipped with a timer function to make your sleep environment more secure.


Our "Way"

Industry drives art - that's what we believe in

We are looking for creative influencers who will grow together and strive to bring the stars to more people's homes. The mysteries of the universe are endless, and Orzorz's scene pieces are endlessly updated ......

Later we will even add the development module, you provide ideas, and we help you achieve them.

Because everyone deserves to have a unique starry sky. Everyone is a unique being.

This is Orzorz, and we are growing.