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Why choose Orzorzvip star projector?

We supply directly from the factory, so it will be much cheaper than other brands in the market

What is the quality of the Orzorz star projector

The Orzorz star projector gives a clear picture as if you were in space.The Orzorz star projector plus features more brightness and clarity

How many star projectors are available now?

At present, a total of two starry lights have been developed

Can Orzorz Star Projector be timed

Yes, the classic model comes with three timing modes, and the plus model uses the app to control the timing

How many models are there in Orzorz Star Projector slides

At present, there are 20 different Star Projector slides for classic model slides and plus model slides respectively, and new Star Projector slides will be launched in the future. Contact Us or follow our tiktok account to get the latest news

How to calculate the freight?

At present, our warehouse has two warehouses in the United States and China. Some countries can provide free shipping, but because some countries are remote, they will charge an appropriate amount of freight

What is the delivery time in different countries

The time in the United States is about 1-3 days, other countries will ship according to the two warehouses in the United States and China, and the longer the distance, the longer the time will be

What if I receive the product and don't want it?

We support 14 days of no reason to return, but the cost of return will be paid by the buyer, please think carefully before placing the order

How to receive the goods is bad?

We will check the availability of the goods before delivery. If the goods are damaged, we will contact the logistics company to make a compensation for you

Is this star projector a good gift?

Yes, it's very suitable, especially for children

How to become our distributor

Contact us by email or click on the Affiliate Program at the top of the website to join

Orzorz star projector is suitable for large rooms

The Orzorz star projector can adjust the Angle of 180° and adjust the focal length to 2-4 meters, so the Orzorz star projector can adapt to 99% of the room

Does the Orzorz Star Projector sound when it works?

The sound produced by the Orzorz star projector can be ignored

What are the differences between the two star projectors?

The differences between the two projectors are described in the Orzorz Star Projector plus detail page